The Implementation Team

DAI Europe is proud to have Winrock International, PEI, and Samriddha Pahad as their implementing partners from the consulting realm.

DAI has worked at the forefront of international development for over 40 years and has successfully delivered programmes across multiple sectors in Nepal since 1987. We have extensive experience of designing and implementing complex development programmes that combine the deployment of market systems approaches with political economy and problem driven iterative adaptation to catalyse sector wide systemic change. DAI is responsible for ensuring the delivery, resourcing and financial management of all aspects of the programme in partnership with its consortium partners. It has ultimate responsibility for the technical quality assurance of all outputs and has specific responsibility for the delivery of the governance and capacity building, monitoring and evaluation and GESI aspects of the programme.

Winrock, home-based in the USA, has an established office in Kathmandu, Nepal. Their mission is to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity and sustain natural resources. Winrock manages a portfolio of more than 100 energy, environment, agriculture and social development projects in over 40 countries. On NREP, Winrock will take an approach of mutual responsibility with DAI for the management of the programme. Winrock will lead on design and successful implementation of demand, supply and finance interventions of NREP. Winrock will work on strengthening market mechanism to attract private investment including climate finance with increased generation and use of renewable energy sector information to drive market growth of sustainable renewable energy demand, supply and finance for increased public and private investment in RE sector.

PEI is a Nepal based development company engaged in examining public problems, assessing policy alternatives, and identifying policy solutions in areas of governance and economic growth in Nepal. PEI’s work on policy reform processes and political analysis include the water, energy, and electricity sectors. PEI has in-depth understanding of the current transition to federalism and knowledge of current government structures. For NREP, PEI will not only advise on policy processes and carry out political economy and risk analyses but will also provide substantial support in generating learning and knowledge from research.

Samriddha Pahad (formerly Samriddha Pahad UK) has been working in Nepal since 2011 to improve sustainable access to finance for mountain communities. Working with both demand and supply, community-based cooperatives and solar companies, SP promoted solar technologies in rural Nepal. SP also has extensive experience in financial literacy and capacity building, targeting especially women, and in facilitating linkages between financial and community institutions. For NREP, SP will provide short term technical assistance in delivering programme activities related to demand and access to financial services for renewable energy technologies.