Where We Work

Nepal’s 2015 Constitution established federalism, whereby power has been divided between Federal, Provincial, and Local tiers of government, each of which has autonomy to raise and spend revenue. The Constitution strongly recognized the need of conservation, management and use of natural resources amongst different political structures.

  • Section 51 states that the governments will pursue a policy of developing and producing renewable energy, ensuring cheap, easily available and dependable supply of energy, and making appropriate use of it to meet the basic needs of the citizens.
  • Schedule 8 has mandated local governments for planning, implementing and managing hydropower up to 1 MW and use of renewable energy in irrigation, drinking water, institutions and productive end uses.

To leverage renewable energy opportunities at Provincial and Local Governments, the Programme will operate in Provinces 2 and 5, and Karnali—chosen because of their strong potential to develop renewable energy and grow these areas’ economies.